Sitemap - 2023 - soft leaves

I would like

How I'm Cooking Christmas

Banana Gingerbread (v)

Gift Guide: Books, Books, Books

Black Sesame Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (gf, dairy-free)

Small Universes

Gnocchi with Radicchio and Candied Pine nuts (v)

The Secret Ingredient is the Process Itself

Rich Chocolate Brownies (v, gf)

Shroomify Anything!

A Fishy & A Meaty Mushroom Snack

Creativity in the Cracks

Bacon-wrapped dates (v, gf)

The Secret Ingredient: Tempeh

Savory Mushroom Rugelach


Grilled Lion's Mane with Coconut, Coriander, and Tarragon (v, gf)

Corn Inspires Me

Corn Cob Dashi Soba With Summer Vegetables (v, gf)

Eggplant parm-ish

Sesame Scallion Focaccia (v)

How does cooking start out?

My Favorite Summer (No-)Cooking Techniques

Blueberry Frito Corn Cookies

The Secret Ingredient: Sesame Oil

Fresh Asparagus & Celery Caesar Salad

Sexy Mushroom Bao (v)

"Twigs" Bars and a Mushroom Bake Sale

Mushroom kimbap (v, gf)


Waffle, Banana, & Peanut-butter Mousse Cake

The Secret Ingredient: Acorns

Creamy Walnut and Spring Greens Galette (v)

Chickpea ramps pancakes (v, gf)

Time swiftly passes by

Berry Sharlotka

Ukrainian breakfast

Kulich (Easter Cake)

Perfect lemon cake

Brunch Party: Bagels with kids

Green eggs (& ham! or mushrooms) (gf)

Evolution of a dough for any filled bread

Martini Twist Babka (v)

What I eat (as an almost 11-month-old baby)

Carrot cake cookies

How to get cancelled on for your dinner party

Rich Chocolate Oreos (gf)

Cacio e pepe noodles and long beans

Dinner Party: Winter brunch (v, gf)

Buckwheat almond waffles (v, gf)


Buckwheat & orange peel financiers (gf)

The Secret Ingredient: Lion's Mane

Lion Steaks (gf)

Beet, Pomegranate & Walnut Valentine Cake

Dinner Party: A classy warming winter meal for friends (vegan/gf compatible)

Fruit Crisp (vegan + gf options)

Mushroom carbonara

The Secret Ingredient: Vinegar

Buttery cabbage with lemon, artichokes, & capers (gf)


Two deep dish sourdough starter “pizzas”

No Recipe: An improv cooking workshop starting 1/18

Fuck Up January

Big beans in caramelized onion + lemon broth