Sitemap - 2022 - soft leaves

Just Taste

Chocolate Cherry Poppyseed Cookies (v)

The Secret Ingredient: Cheese

Lemon Ginger Turmeric Snickerdoodles

A soft sweet holiday gift guide

Five-Spice Sweet Potato Crumb Cake

The Secret Ingredient: Whey

The Caramelized Cabbage I'm Making All Winter (v, gf)

Recompose: A Musical Mushroom Dinner

The Mushroom Pavlova


Ginger-garlic Lion's Mane skewers (gf)

Where to Eat Mushrooms in NYC

Hippie mushroom salad (v)

Mushrooms for Dessert

Caramelized Shiitake Cookies (v, gf option)

How to Cook Mushrooms

Champignon au vin (v, gf)

Shroomify October!

Bake on through the storm!

Egg(plant) chive pockets (v)


Mushroom, Olive, & Black-eyed Pea Pastelillos (v)


Tahini-tigernut cookies, with optional fillings (gf, dairy-free)

The Secret Ingredient: Cardamom

Notes from Lisbon

Who are you?

Who are you?

Cold soba salad with hijiki and tofu (v, gf)

Peanut butter and Marmite

Nutty eggplant salad with tomatoes & herbs (v, gf)

Mushroom Person

Crispy Lion Sandwich

Kitchen Vibes

Peaches Party

The Secret Ingredient: Heirloom Beans

Peach Cornbread Cobbler

Eating the Baby

Smoky Beet Lox (v, gf)

The Secret Ingredient: Eggplant

Eggplant and pine nut pasta (v)


Zuke-tom-mozz summer sandwich

Fancy Food

Spring potato frittata with crispy crust


Carrot halwa cake

The Secret Ingredient: Garlic

Kale sauce over crispy potatoes and raw asparagus (v, gf)


Spring greens, ginger & coconut soup (v, gf)

Ingredients of Milk

Ginger fried rice (gf)


Miyeok Guk (seaweed soup, v, gf)


Powerful oatmeal (v, gf)

Suddenly, Everything

Birth Story

Sesame Oat Date Bars (v, gf)


Easter party spread

The Secret Ingredient: Flour

Lentil pancakes with coconut & turmeric (v, gf)


Lemon potatoes with tuna & herbs

Poison & Superfood

Everything Syrniki

The Secret Ingredient: Brown Rice Vinegar

Golubtsi (cabbage rolls) with mushrooms and pine nuts (v)


Crispy oat biscuits (v)

That which makes spontaneous gesture possible

Granola, Ukraine edition (v)

Old World, Revisit

Coconut tapioca pudding with pistachios and cardamom (v, gf)

The Secret Ingredient: Lemons

Cashew Lemon Caper Pasta (v)


Chocolate Cherry Rye Twists (v)

The Secret Ingredient: Hondashi

Smoky black lentil soup (v, gf)

No Recipe: Season 2

Should I Drink the Sugar Water?

Savory Turnip Cakes (v, gf)

Dismantle Convenience

Spicy Uyghur Cumin Potatoes (v, gf)


Salted almond butter rye chocolate chip cookies (v)

How to Rise Up Like New Bread